The purpose of working for yourself is to break away from the rules and design your business and life on your terms. However at some point, you get lost in the everyday running of clients and home life. This stops now with the Beauty CEO Private Coaching.


Business Mentoring for the beauty business owner wanting more


I started in the beauty industry with a goal to just make enough money to get by but that soon turned into a drive for more. More money and more freedom… you may have the same thought when you first started your journey at beauty school. 

But then the call for more hits you, you know you can go further with it all but are unsure how to get to the next step because you’re too booked out to allow yourself time to focus on the growth of your business.

If you are tired of sitting back and wondering what you’re doing in business and in life then it may be time you need to invest in yourself and your dreams.

If you are ready to up-level your role inside your beauty business for 2022 and turn this baby into your dream business that supports you and brings you joy then your future self is screaming for you to take action today! 


Are you ready to step into your future self and make her proud? if yes, keep reading!


You have an amazing skill in servicing your clients and you have a deep desire to grow your business, but you are stuck on the wheel of uncertainty and overwhelm on where to focus next.

You see amazing businesses on Instagram posting their best life and wonder how you are going to move the needle in your own business.

Balancing home life, clients and the business side of things is tough and can put you in a spin at times.


I hear ya, and I’m here to shake things up.


I’m here to help you get off the hamster wheel, get you focused on your mindset and help you reach your goals for 2022 by helping you designing your own business to support your passions and family life.

Let’s bring your heartfelt goals into reality and remove that overwhelm over the next 6 months

Excited?  Ready to jump into 2022 with your head in the game and become the Beauty CEO you have always wanted to be?

Now is your time to be that CEO and find the confidence to build what you have always wanted.

Your all-access private coaching sessions with me to put strategies in place, to take you to the next step and set you on the right path for 2022.  Together we will take a bird-eye view look at your business and discuss where you want to go. Working on an action plan to keep you focused and seeing results. 

Your chance to grab your spot in the private 1:1 coaching program today. 

Only 4 limited spots available 

What’s Included


Video Calls

Every month you have up to 2 monthly video calls you can use. These calls are 30 to 45 mins long. Use these to discuss your business, work through big plans or overcome any objections you have going on.  You will have access to the recording to refer back to whenever you need it for you to take detailed notes.

Valued at $2000



You have access to Jessica throughout the week, Monday to Thursday, to ask questions and break down ideas in voice or text message. This is where the magic happens, It’s like having a cheerleader in your pocket. As blocks and ideas come up, these voice notes are the perfect way to work through the steps or breakthrough wins you have on a daily basis.

Valued at $4000


VIP Tools

You have access to all tools and products in Jessica’s shop plus more that are only available to private coaching clients. Designed and used by Jessica and her clients to build systems and automation inside your business.

Valued $500+


Deep Dive Session

Your first call is a 90 min deep-dive session into where you want to take your business and what kind of support you need.

Valued at $297


Access To Beauty CEO Traingings

You will have access to all past pieces of training held by Beauty CEO HQ to help you put systems into your business and learn the Beauty CEO Method of building a strong business and marketing funnel.

Valued at over $999

About Me

Beauty CEO HQ | Private Coaching
Beauty CEO HQ | Private Coaching

If we haven’t met before, I have been where you are right now, I bought my small 1 women beauty salon business back in 2008. It had no structure at all, no staff, no manual on how to run it and the old owner tried to take a chunk of the good clients with her when she opened up down the road.

I was on my own at the age of 25, but I had a dream and determination to build a business to support my future life.

My husband and I were able to turn my small nail and beauty salon earning less than $60,000 a year into a multiple 6 figure salon with a team of staff and build our life around the business.

We turned it into a well-oiled machine to allow me the freedom to be more than a slave tied to my business. I was able to remove myself from full-time clients within the first year and then stepped away full-time to work on the business while I had my babies, allowing me to be home full time while I was learning how to be a mother.

I have now sold my business for nearly 10X what I paid for it and walked away with a 6 figure cheque to be able to move on to what I really want to do now which is helping others like you build your own version of success through coaching and programs.


What Others Say

Jessica has given me the confidence to put structure and learning in place, to not just sell but to inform and carry it right through to checkout and rebooking. Jessica’s mentoring has been the biggest booster for my salon, we have upped sales revenue by over 100% in 12 months, 3 new staff members were added and client retention is hovering around 87%. After working with Jess I can proudly now say I have my own multiple 6 figure salon which is growing more and more each week and I can’t wait to continue our mentoring sessions in the future!

Red Desert Beauty

Beauty CEO HQ | Private Coaching
Beauty CEO HQ | Private Coaching
I understand that private coaching is fairly new to the beauty industry, I passionately believe it is the missing element to women running their own businesses 2022.

Whole hearted support designed about your questions, dreams and goals

When I had my business all I ever wanted is someone to sit down and talk strategy with. Someone that could help me see where I could grow and wasn’t emotionally attached to help me make decisions that would move me out of my comfort zone and grow me into the CEO of my business.

I had to do it myself and it took me much longer than it needed to.

Which is why I am so focused on helping you reach your business goals sooner.

I truly believe everyone needs and wants a B.F.F in business that has been there and done exactly what it is you want to do.

This Coaching package is designed to move you from over worked therapist to CEO.

Encouraging you to invest in yourself, helping you take action and remove the excuses of “I don’t know how, or I don’t have time” It’s time to work smarter and finally break those old habits and create new path ways for your business.

Yes, I’m ready to get started

1. There are only 4 spots available for 2023, Apply by filling out the form below.
2. Jessica will get back to you within 24 hours (weekdays) Via email.
3. Then you will receive all the details on setting up payment, the contract and the booking links to get started with your first deep dive session.

I’m excited to get started with you x

2 Packages Available for 3 and 6 months

Your Investment:

3 Months for $2,555 AUD,

or start today for a $333 deposit and a weekly payment plan.

6 Months for $5,000 AUD,

or start today for a $500 deposit and a weekly payment plan.