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Beauty CEO HQ | About

Meet Jessica, the soul behind Beauty CEO HQ.

Does this sound like you?

You started in the beauty industry with passion and big goals, but soon realised you are either too scared to make the move to being your own boss or you’re so busy working on the client’s, you don’t have time to focus on the business side of your dreams. 

That is where Beauty CEO HQ comes in.


Beauty CEO HQ | About

Hi, I’m Jessica Kidner.

The soul behind Beauty CEO I too started off my career with big goals and dreams to build a business that was in the beauty industry, which  could support my life goals and not have me working 9 to 5, 6 days a week. 

It took a few years but I finally figured out the formula of building a business without a business or marketing degree that supported my goals in business/life.

Jessica is an award winning nail professional /beauty therapist who was in the same position as you, but  got tired of the rat race of doing client after client and made a change to the way she did business.

Beauty CEO HQ | About

I got first hand experience with trying everything and seeing where it went. I knew early on I wanted to help other women build their dream beauty business, but felt I needed to go after my dreams first, buying my salon, winning an award in my niche, then setting up the business to run without me to allow me to become an educator for a popular nail product and building a team to scale the business. After buying my second salon, a hair salon I decided to start sharing what I knew in hope to help inspire you and other women to build a business they loved. 

I started blogging in 2015 with tips and advice on how I run my business. Pulling back the curtain on what really happens owning a business… beyond the “ upsell and rebook advice I seemed to get from other business experts” 

In 2018 I sold my first baby ( the salon) for my dream goal amount! 6 figures! You see I grew my little nail salon into an asset and walked away with cash to move on to something new. Mentoring and teaching others how to do the same things but their way. 

Ohh and to completely indulge in my 3rd and last baby who was 5 months old.

If you are feeling lonely and lost in your journey to build an income and business to support you , you are in the right place. 

Beauty CEO HQ is your hub for everything beauty biz related and finding the balance of being a business owner and yourself.

Beauty CEO HQ | About
Beauty CEO HQ | About

What does Beauty CEO HQ stand for

Self Development

As a beauty CEO you understand you are never done learning and growing a business is a journey of self discovery and development.


Creating a business around your life goals and not what someone else sees as “successful” whether your business goal is to make enough for you to work 20 hours a week or you have a vision of running a full team of staff with a 6 figure turn over.  We believe that owning a business doesn’t have to run your life. Setting goals around YOUR life and have your business support those dreams is key to being the CEO.


Trusting Yourself and supporting others. When you step into the role of the beauty CEO you grow trust in yourself. Knowing you will always find a way or learn from any experience you go through and be ready to help other beauty CEO’s when they need support.

Jessica is super supportive, knows when you need a push, and very knowledgeable. And a great person overall to talk to. Coaching with Jessica has been the best money I’ve spent! She really knows her stuff. And one of the best parts is she was actually a beauty therapist! So hard to find a coach who knows this industry and she really knows her stuff! My biggest breakthrough was more client engagement and Instagram growth, email marketing set up, packages set up, and overall confidence. Thank you so much Jessica for being such an amazing coach! You really have changed my life!


I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders since using the knowledge I gained from my talks with Jessica. Jessica helped me gain confidence in myself to be able to achieve my goals in my business. Jessica is very knowledgeable, flexible and easy to talk to.