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5 Tips For Your Salon Instagram Strategy

5 Tips For Your Salon Instagram Strategy

Are you using Instagram for your salon? I have recently realised I’m totally obsessed with it, probably a little too much. 

I have been studying this platform for a while now, soaking up everything I can and learning about all the features it has. 

I even joined a $70 a month mastermind just to see what others are doing on the platform, I realised it was a lot of what I already knew but wasn’t doing 100 % myself. Why? Because we all get caught up in fear, real-life and time.  

This has inspired me to share a few key take away with you, my peeps. Because I see so many accounts not using it to the best of their ability, due to being overwhelmed with all the moving parts we need to do in running any type of business.

*Have No fear, I’m not turning into a Salon Instagram pro, I just love learning about topics that will help my fellow business owner get to the next step. You have made the commitment to follow me in your inbox ( if not you should totally sign up below ) and I want to make it worth your while. 

I was chatting with one of my mentoring clients I asked her if she had done a course on social media. She had but she didn’t find it helpful. I was mainly about how to use the platform, check insights and how to post…. yawn, I could see at that point it was strategy she needed NOT how to post. So after 1 tip I gave her she went ahead and implemented it the next day and she noticed more engagement and even got 2 more bookings that morning just from one post, that didn’t have any SALES-Y language. *insert happy dance! 

Now I want to share with you 5 points you may not have thought of to get your salon Instagram working for you. 


1.Whats your Salon Instagram game plan?

You need to know what your overall game plan is for your account.  Which I’m guessing is to make money, driving people to book or buy your products. #amiriiight. Throwing up a photo of a cleanser and little to no caption isn’t going to work. There are a few key elements that put together build a killer strategy. And one of them is knowing “who is your Target audience” and isn’t NOT everyone. You need to really get deep with your target market. You need to know what they like, what they don’t like, how they talk, what are their pain points, what is their favourite colours, what do they need from you. It a deep exercise that is a forever revolving Evolution. 


2.Interact With Other Accounts/people

I don’t mean to go on a massive comment spamming spree. What I do mean is  FIND where your people would be hanging out and reach out and comment on their posts.  Think about where your ideal client would hang out, who would they follow? Local cafes, shopping centres local gyms? Leave meaningful AUTHENTIC comments. These accounts should be actual accounts you have an interest in also and compliment your business.

reply to all comments you’re tagged in and most important when people leave comments on your account reply to them. I’ve seen accounts that are being managed by a social media manager that have questions in the comments and NO ONE has replied! ouch. 

Please remember to not use spammy comments like , “ thanks” ‘nice’ or ‘check out my account. This isn’t talking to people, It’s just gross. Replying to Comments on your account is so important. Someone has gone through the trouble to reach out and connect with you. Replying with a emoji each time isn’t going to make them feel important. Take the time each day even 15 minutes to reply something a little more unique and meaningful will help you make connection, You may just make someone’s day. 


3. Don’t Use professional jargon language

Yes, you do want your followers to know you are an expert but when you use big language about ingredients or biology people can glaze over or in this case keep on scrolling.

Talking to your audience should be like talking to your best friend. Making a real connection and helping them with their problems. Telling them a product will remove free radicals isn’t going to excite them to make a purchase. They probably have no idea what free radicals are. You want to teach them how the product or service will make them feel, what it can do for them on a level they can connect with emotionally. Think about their real pain points and how you are going to solve that issues for them.

 4. Sleazy sales – not on your salon instagram

Of course, we want to make sales, but don’t get caught up in the hard sell. Instagram is about being SOCIAL not selling and part of being social is ATTRACTING your dream clients, not pushing them away. If you do this right, you won’t need to use overly sales-y language. Your followers will be engaged and excited about your service or products simply because they have built trust in you.

Changing your mindset and your strategy with how you connect on Instagram can really make you stand out to your ideal followers.  Yes, sure you are posting to hopefully make a sale but turn it on its around by thinking about the VALUE you bring to them,  engage and build that relationship with them and THEN make your offer. 

Give give then sell.

Think of this every time you post.  “am I providing value to my audience with this post.” 

5. Who are you?

 Tell us who you are, posting photo after photo of your work is lovely BUT people want to know who YOU are. They want to see your face or your team. They want to connect to humans. We all crave human attention. I can’t tell you how many accounts I’ve gone to check out and had NO idea who was behind the business. I know we all feel a little shy in front of the camera and think our business is all about the client, but at least every 9 posts there should be a photo of you or your team. Photos with someone’s face or smile converts a lot higher than other posts. 


Give it a go this week, post a photo of yourself. Tell people your name and what you love doing. Add in 3 random facts about yourself , and finish with a question for your audience to answer. see how it converts with your insights, I’m willing to bet you will have a jump in your engagement. 

Trust me, all these tips are the method all the big experts out there are talking about behind the scenes. 

Give them a go and let me know how you find it! I would love to know how this works for your salon Instagram. 

Beauty CEO HQ | 5 Tips For Your Salon Instagram Strategy


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Beauty CEO HQ | 5 Tips For Your Salon Instagram Strategy

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