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Beauty CEO HQ | 10 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Beauty Business

If you have been around here for a while, You know I owned a successful busy salon with multiple 6 figure turn over every year, and a team of staff to manage all while I was at home having and raising my babies. I’ve shared many times I didn’t do it all this alone. I invested in people to help me manage the business side of things, to free up my time and also make sure the important jobs got done. I hired people that were experts in their field and where I felt I needed support with my responsibilities along with other jobs I just didn’t want to do or didn’t have the skill set for it. One of my secret weapons was a Virtual Assistant. 

This may be a new concept to you, Having an assistant is normally a job role inside a business. Not anymore, we are so lucky to be alive in a time where we can have people work for us remotely thanks to the internet. Not only do these amazing people offer great services and really take the load of stress off a salon owners mind, they are contractors NOT staff. which means you only pay for the hours they are actually working and there is no other responsibility when it comes to super or wages. 

I started off with a book keeper, then a email support person on a monthly retainer. I also used contractors to take care of HR, lease negotiations and social media posting. There are many different tasks you can get a contractor / virtual assistant to do to help manage the million job titles we need to have under our name as business owners. 

To help you plan out what you may need in your business I have my friend Danica here today to tell us all about the tasks she offers her clients as a Virtual Assistant specialising in the hair and beauty industry. 


My name is Danica 

I help salon owners ditch the mundane tasks, hop back on the salon floor and get their work-life balance back.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (also known as a VA) is a self-employed administrator who works remotely (usually from home) for various clients.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your salon is generally cheaper than a domestic employee and provides scalability and flexibility. You are in control of the hours your VA works depending on your business needs, ebbs and lows. Virtual Assistants can cater for jobs from ad-hoc projects to ongoing support.

Distance is not a limiting factor and you are working with experts in the field.


What can a Virtual Assistant do for you and your salon?

Here is my top 10 tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do for you and your salon:



Don’t miss another potential customer again. A VA can immediately answer customers using a greeting template, assist with appointment bookings, taking and answering messages, transcribing messages and day to day responsive client engagement.



Consistent social media presence is paramount if you want to be seen by your audience. A VA can assist you in content creation, hashtag research, scheduling posts, internal and external engagement and can spend time building trust with your audience.



Have an in house event, marketing event or workshop? A VA can cold call all potential guests including staff, suppliers, clients and VIP’s.



No one wants to fall behind do they! You must always keep up to date with the latest trends, products and industry events. Don’t waste hours searching! Have your VA do the research and report it back to you in one simple, easy to read document.  Receiving the right research can also get the competitive gain over your competitors and ensure you are meeting your clients expectations and more.



Your VA can update client records into your salon systems. Send out client birthday wishes, send scripted appointment confirmation and follow up appointment messages.



You want to keep cashflow rolling. A VA can keep you on top of debtor and creditor control and processing and distribution of invoices.



A VA can assist you in keeping records of the financial affairs of your business. Wether that is data entry into spreadhseets or perhaps an online accounting software.



Keep your clients in the loop with salon news, promo’s, giveaways with a monthly newsletter. A VA can research topics, generate the email and have it sent to your mailing list.


A website not only portrays professionalism, it also gives your audience a means to get to know you and your salon. A website can also help you generate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to be seen by a wider audience. Your VA can create and maintain your website to include online bookings, current images, blog posts and testimonials.


A VA can assist in end to end recruitment, screening applications, phone screening clients, reference check calls and liasing with applicants during the process. They can also assist in policy and procedure document writing and execute these to your staff. Assist you in performance management and general day to day human resource administration.



How to find a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re interested to find out more about me and my services, please feel free to contact me here. I’d  love to discuss your individual requirements, and what I can do for you and your business.

You can also find me hanging out on Facebook and Instagram.


Virtual Assistants can also be found here:

Virtually Yours (VYVA) –   

121 Temps –

VA Directory –  


Alternatively, utilise hashtag searches in your social pages

#australianva #hairandbeautyva #australianvirtualassistant #onlinebusinesssupport etc



Xx Danica

Owner | Operator

Danica Zaltron Virtual Assistant

Beauty CEO HQ | 10 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Beauty Business


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Beauty CEO HQ | 10 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Beauty Business

Jessica Kidner

The soul behind Beauty CEO I too started off my career with big goals and dreams to build a business that was in the beauty industry, which  could support my life goals and not have me working 9 to 5, 6 days a week. 

It took a few years but I finally figured out the formula of building a business without a business or marketing degree that supported my goals in business/life.